10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention  

On Demand Webinar Series with Dr. Susan Hall

Are you looking for ways to improve and sustain the success of your MTSS/RTI framework in your school?  Or, have you started the MTSS process and faced challenges you weren't expecting?  What are schools that are getting good results doing? When results are 10 Success Factors for Literacy Interventionunimpressive, what’s missing?

In her latest publication, 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention:  Getting Results in Elementary Schools, author and reading intervention expert Dr. Susan Hall answers these persistent questions.  Dr. Hall's work with schools across the United States led to the development of a list of 10 success factors observable in schools that are showing significant gains in student literacy with MTSS.  

During the webinars, Dr. Hall candidly shares her experience helping school districts successfully implement and sustain effective processes on elementary campuses.  She'll also highlight how leaders manage MTSS and make key decisions that improve the implementation process. 


Webinar #1:  SUCCESS FACTORS 1-5

What are the first five elements that need to be in place to begin and ensure a successful MTSS implementation?  


Webinar #2:  SUCCESS FACTORS 6-10 & Wrap Up

What does it take to keep your MTSS Implementation process moving forward? Learn how to INSPECT what you EXPECT by conducting snapshot observations.

No matter where you are with MTSS, just starting out or fully implemented, the 10 Success Factors webinars will provide strategies and tips for delivering a continuum of support to match student needs.

Now you can view both webinars at your convenience and share this information with your colleagues. 


About Susan Hall, Ed.D.

Dr. Susan Hall, CEO and Co-FounderSusan twitter headshot-1.png of 95 Percent Group, is a nationally recognized leader in RTI, data analysis, and reading instruction.  

Dr. Hall has been a nationally certified trainer of DIBELS and LETERS. She is the author of several books including Implementing Response to Intervention: A Principal's Guide; I've DIBEL’d Now What? and Jumpstart RTI: Using RTI in Your Elementary School Right Now. She also co-authored two books with Louisa Moats, Straight Talk About Reading and Parenting a Struggling Reader, as well as LETRS Module 7: Teaching Phonics, Word Study, and the Alphabetic Principle, 2nd Edition.  Her eighth book, 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention:  Getting Results with MTSS in Elementary Schools was just released by ASCD in July 2018.


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