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Bundle Readers Facilitators straight shotAre you ready to improve Site-Based MTSS Practices in your school or district?


10 Success Factors for Literacy InterventionIn the book 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention, Dr. Susan Hall retired Co-Founder and CEO, 95 Percent Group explores a list of ten critical initiatives that are observable in schools achieving significant MTSS literacy gains.

With our 10 Success Factors Book Study Bundle, educators have the collective opportunity to read 10 Success Factors while closely examining their school’s current MTSS practices, identifying opportunities for improvement, and engaging in collaborative discussions that will ultimately lead to the development of a site-based MTSS Action Plan.

The 10 Success Factors Book Bundle (GN 9013), a $50 value, includes a Facilitator’s Guide and ten Reader’s Guides - and is automatically included with the purchase of ten copies of 10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention. The bundle is also available as an individual purchase in our web store.


The Facilitator’s Guide:
  • provides questions to initiate group discussions,

  • builds on the reflection process surrounding each Success Factor,

  • promotes meaningful conversations among all participants, and

  • maintains staff interest in identifying common goals to improve instructional practices.

Each page of the Facilitator's Guide focuses on a specific Success Factor  and guides the entire reading process.

bundle facilitator's guide page

Looking for more information about 10 Success Factors? Download our 8-page overview.



Meet the Author 

10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention by Susan L. Hall Ed.D.

Susan Hall 95 Percent Group

Dr. Susan Hall is a nationally recognized leader in Response to Intervention (RTI), data analysis, and reading instruction. She has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant to districts and schools in the field of early reading intervention and has been a nationally certified trainer of DIBELS and LETERS.

 Dr. Hall is the author of eight books including Implementing Response to Intervention: A Principal's Guide; I've DIBEL'd Now What? and Jumpstart RTI: Using RTI in Your Elementary School Right Now

Her experience in working with schools across the United States led to the development of a list of 10 success factors observable in schools that are getting significant gains in student literacy with MTSS. Join Dr. Hall as she thoroughly explores each of these ten initiatives and provides the guidance educators need to move from disappointing results to student reading success in this practical publication. 

Watch our complimentary 0n-Demand Webinar with Dr. Hall to learn more.

ASCD 75 Best Books-1


10 Success Factors for Literacy Intervention was recognized by ASCD publishing as one the top 75 books that will "change the way you teach".    

“Leaders, coaches, and teachers responsible for student growth in reading will find this a valuable resource for reflecting on their current practices, determining success factors that may be missing, and implementing needed success factors to increase their students’ reading outcomes."

Deb Fulton, M.Ed.
Former State-Wide Lead for Literacy
Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network 



The Reader’s Guide:
  • is a working document designed to engage the book study participants,

  • assists in organizing information for future reference and application, and

  • includes questions to prompt response and reflection BEFORE reading and DURING reading.

Create a Site-Based MTSS Action Plan

Book study participants will use their notes and discussions to create a collaborative site-based MTSS Action Plan that can be strategically implemented on their campus.

Bundle Open Reader's Guide

When you include 10 Success Factors in your professional development plan, you'll create a supportive environment where staff members can identify shared objectives and practices that will improve teacher preparedness and student reading success.

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