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Let’s face it – the last two school years have been more than challenging for educators and students across the country.

It's been reported that 7 out of 10 teachers are less confident now than before thePCP-Tune-Up_Classroom_teacher and students pandemic that they'll be able to help their students read at grade level by the end of the year.* As a result, many students will exit with skill deficits that won't be addressed until school resumes in the fall.

Our research shows that for rising 1st-3rd students, the number of students entering first-third grade with gaps in their foundational reading skills can be reduced by adding evidence-aligned phonics instruction to your current summer school ELA curriculum.

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We invite you to learn more by joining Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, Joni Maville, Director of Product Development, and our guest panelist Adriel Grieshaber, K-3 Literacy Coordinator, Dysart Unified School District (AZ), to discover how adding research-based, explicit phonics strategies to your lesson plans this summer can help students achieve grade-level reading mastery.

Aligning Evidence with Practice to Reach Grade Level Mastery

This session was designed to help district and school leaders guide your program planning process, strengthen your curriculum, reduce summer school teacher stress, and improve student learning outcomes by effectively addressing skill gaps in just a few weeks. 

During this webinar we:

      • Share the importance of providing a Summer School program that incorporates structured literacy instructional practices and aligns with the Science of Reading,

      • Examine our current Summer School research and data that supports 95 Percent Group's structured literacy instructional approach,
      • Demonstrate research-based instructional routines from our 95 Booster Bundle™: Summer School 2nd Edition,  

      • Review student results and discuss the summer school implementation in the Dysart Unified School District (AZ), and

      • Show you how easy it is to implement our all-inclusive Summer School program as the scripted lesson plans and sequential instructional routines reduce teacher prep time while increasing student learning.

Viewers will be prepared to share our evidence-aligned instructional phonics program with their staff to improve their Summer School curriculum and help students reach grade-level mastery. 

95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Summer School 2nd Edition

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Our Summer School 2nd Edition is a 25-day phonics program for Rising 1st through 3rd graders, taught either whole class or small group, to address gaps in foundational skills. The 30-45 minute lessons, at each grade level, provide targeted research and evidence-based structured literacy instruction that is explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative.

Download our Summer School Overview and our complimentary Sample Lessons to preview the program.

Rising 1st Sample Lesson

Rising 2nd Sample Lesson

Rising 3rd Sample Lesson

About 95 Percent Group

95 Percent Group is an educational company whose mission is to help educators identify and address the needs of all readers. Using an approach that is aligned with Structured Literacy, the company focuses on providing educators with whole-class and small group literacy solutions as well as developing foundational knowledge about The Science of Reading to deliver research and evidence-based instructional strategies to close skill gaps.


Contact us for more information about this event: info@95percentgroup.com.

*Teachers Are Losing Hope That This Can Be a Catch-Up Year, Catherine Gewertz, February 8, 2022, EdWeek.