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The 95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Summer School 2nd Edition is a 25-day phonics program for Rising 1st through 3rd graders, taught either whole class or small group, to address gaps in Dysart Morphology_Gr2_withLidsfoundational skills. The 30-45 minute lessons, at each grade level, provide targeted research and evidence-based structured literacy instruction that is explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative.

95 Percent Group is a leader in creating phonics materials so using a summer school program that includes the routines and strategies that make our other resources successful will provide the instruction schools need to close skill deficits, prevent summer slide, and improve student reading success at the next grade level.

Summer School 2nd Edition includes All-New Content 

In 2021, 95 Percent Group developed a systematic Summer School program to address the unprecedented challenges schools faced in closing skill gaps left behind after the first year of the  COVID pandemic. To meet urgent student needs, we elected to introduce our first Summer School product into classrooms by using content from our 95 Phonics Core Program™.

Now, we're launching our Summer School 2nd Edition with all new content and the same targeted, structured literacy instructional approach.  Content updates for all grade levels were driven by client feedback and the results of a Summer School research study conducted by an independent firm (see the results below).  In addition, skill and pacing adjustments were made exclusively to the Rising 1st Summer School 2nd Edition to include:

      • Letter-Sound Correspondence
      • Letter Formation (uppercase and lowercase)
      • Blending Awareness
      • Reading simple VC and CVC words (mastery of all 5 short vowel sounds)
      • Writing simple VC and CVC words using sound-spelling mapping
      • High-Frequency Words (30 total from the Pre-primer and Primer Dolch List)

All-Inclusive Summer Program Materials Require Minimal Teacher Prep

95 Phonics Booster Bundle Summer School 2nd Edition Digital PresentationOur Summer School 2nd Edition is designed to cover all planning requirements because the Teacher’s Package and Student Workbook Package provide all of the necessary components for effective implementation - including individual student phonics manipulatives, Sound-Spelling cards, digital Presentation Files, and decodable texts.

The program provides teachers an all-inclusive summer school phonics and word study program so there's no need for Phonics summer school lesson planning, Each package is sold separately.  Student workbooks, which include the manipulatives, are sold in packs of 5 to accommodate fluctuating class sizes.

All Components

Summer School Research Results Show Significant Student Outcomes

An independent study of our initial Summer School program was conducted in August 2021, and showed that it effectively closed phonics gaps. This initial report indicated that all grade levels (Rising 1, Rising 2, and Rising 3) made statistically significant gains from instruction with our 95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Summer School Edition.

As indicated in the downloadable report, the well below students improved as much as the below students on the % of correct responses on the post-test vs the pretest. We invite you to review this document for more in-depth information: Gains Study of 95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Summer School Edition.

Download  the Summer School 2nd Edition Overview and Sample Lessons

Complete the form above to access the Program Overview that includes the rationale for development, detailed component information, and the Scope & Sequence to learn more about adding this phonics Booster Bundle to your summer school classrooms. Sample Lessons at each grade level are also available.


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