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Science of Reading On-Demand Webinar Series

Morphological Awareness

Does it Really Matter?

Session Overview

A morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in a language. Morphology is the study of word forming elements and processes in a language. What, then, is morphological awareness and why should it have the attention of educators?

Join us for an overview of the impacts of morphological awareness on reading and spelling as well as a look at an instructional strategy.


Replay & Handouts


We hope you'll enjoy watching all 8 of our Science of Reading On-Demand Webinars. The series includes:

Teaching with Decodable Text

Mastering the Questioning Process

Orthographic Mapping

How the Brain Reads

Scarborough's Rope

Phonemic Awareness for Older Students

Balanced Literacy vs Structured Literacy

Morphological Awareness


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