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THE ROAD TO RESULTS WORKSHOPS   Practical Strategies to Accelerate Reading Achievement in Your Classroom   

DoubleTree by Hilton Lawrence

200 McDonald Drive Lawrence, KS 66044
K-1:  Tuesday, April 17  | 2-5:  Wednesday, April 18 

8:30 am - 3:30 pm (Sign in begins at 8:00 am)

$109 per workshop  |  $89 before 3/16

Early Intervention Closes Skill Deficits for Struggling Readers

K-1: Tuesday, April 17, 2018

During this workshop, we'll share our evidence-based PA and phonics intervention strategies with you to accelerate reading achievement in your classroom.  

K-1 Workshop Topics include:

  • Using CBM data to tell WHO is struggling and diagnostic data to tell Judie Compressed.jpgWHY

  • Exploring a PA and Phonics continuum addressing skill deficits in a specific sequence

  • Using manipulatives to engage students, explicitly teaching PA skills, and identify word patterns

  • Discovering the importance of Nonsense Word Analysis

  • Effectively applying intensive phonics intervention plans and instruction

Participants will leave this workshop equipped with effective strategies and engaging techniques to use the next day and improve RTI processes.

All K-1 workshop attendees will receive a copy of Teaching Blending®, a $48 value, to use in their classroom.

95 Percent Group's Teaching Blending® program:


  • Transitions early readers from reading words sound-by-sound to reading whole words blended

  • Provides teachers with specific techniques for blending instruction

  • Eliminates the need to subvocalize words before reading

For more information contact us at workshops@95percentgroup.com.

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2-5: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Nashville Public Workshop

No matter where you are in your RTI implementation, all participants will walk away from this 2-5 workshop equipped with effective strategies and engaging instructional techniques that can be confidently used in the classroom.


2-5 Workshop Topics include:

  • Understanding how to organize Tier 2 and Tier 3 instructional time for best results

  • Critically analyzing CBM and diagnostic data to pinpoint and effectively address skill deficits

  • Exploring a phonics continuum to sequence intervention instruction and align skill mastery

  • Learning how to use phonics chips to engage students and identify word patterns

  • Increasing student fluency by practicing a daily 5-minute multisyllable activity using our Multisyllable Routine Cards


2-5 workshop attendees will receive a copy of Multisyllable Routine Cards® (MSRC), an $85 value, to use in their classroom.

Use 95 Percent Group's MSRC® resource to:


  • Help students learn skills that directly impact reading, fluency, and comprehension

  • Teach student-friendly routines on six syllable types

  • Show students how to find word patterns, divide syllables, and read multisyllable words 

For more information contact us at workshops@95percentgroup.com.



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Complimentary registration is provided for any elementary Principal that attends with 2 or more registered staff members from the same school, attending either the K-1 or 2-5 session.  All participants must complete a registration form.