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Science of Reading Professional Learning Reimagined

Webinar | August 22 | 6:30 PM CT

Join us to discover the unique features of Top 10 Tools™ by 95 Percent Group, a proven, 10-part science of reading course that will enhance your understanding and revolutionize your reading instruction—offering a comprehensive yet efficient learning experience in less time than other courses. 

During this webinar, Deb Glaser, EdD, will provide a comprehensive overview and share how practical application opportunities are embedded throughout the course to immediately implement your learning and accelerate students’ reading proficiency.   

Attendees will leave the session understanding key Top 10 Tools features:  

  • Evidence-based content and instruction: Deepen your understanding of reading science and learn effective implementation strategies for providing oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, writing, and comprehension instruction.  
  • Flexible learning format: This asynchronous course is divided into ten discrete tools, accommodating teachers’ busy schedules  
  • Shorter course completion length: Top 10 Tools by 95 Percent Group provides everything a reading teacher needs to know about effectively implementing evidence-aligned practices in only 45 hours—far less than other popular courses.   

Whether you're seeking a professional learning reading science solution for your district or school or a teacher looking to expand your knowledge base, attending this webinar is a proactive way to start or continue your journey.  

Top 10 Tools Sweepstakes!

All live attendees will be entered to win a 1-year Top 10 Tools subscription. Three lucky winners will be selected to complete this professional learning experience in the 2024-2025 school year.  

Webinar Registration

Join us for our live event by completing the form. 

Meet your Webinar Facilitators

Laura Stewart

Laura Stewart

Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group

Laura Stewart is an educator and organizational leader. She has served as a teacher, administrator, adjunct professor, and director of numerous professional development initiatives around the country. 

Before joining 95 Percent Group, Laura was the Chief Innovation Officer with The Reading League and the Chief Academic Officer for Professional Development at Highlights for Children. She presents nationally and internationally and is a published author. Laura’s passion is empowering educators to positively impact ALL students and ultimately change the course of literacy achievement in this country. 

Deb Glaser

Deb Glaser, EdD

Literacy Expert and Creator of Top 10 Tools

Deb Glaser, EdD, received her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction with a specific focus on reading and school reform from Boise State University. During Dr. Glaser’s 40 years in education, she has been a classroom and learning disability instructor and administrator, assisted universities with developing research-based reading curricula, and established training and consultation programs to support the success of state and local reading initiatives. Dr. Glaser’s publications include LETRS Foundations: Introduction to Language and Literacy (co-authored with Louisa Moats), and she created the online reading course The Reading Teacher's Top Ten Tools and Morpheme Magic.   

Sharon Hopper

Sharon Hopper, MEd

Senior Training & Development Manager, 95 Percent Group

Before joining 95 Percent Group, Sharon Hopper was the Director of Literacy Professional Learning at Hill Learning Center in Durham, North Carolina where 95 RAP (previously HillRAP) was developed. She supported the revision of the training and program development associated with HillRAP and developed new asynchronous literacy training in conjunction with Nancy Hennessy and the Big Dippers coalition that included Kelly Butler, Deb Glaser, Margaret Goldberg, and Laura Stewart. Sharon started her career in education leadership as an elementary classroom teacher, transitioning after 16 years to the Vance County Schools district office.