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Putting Reading Science into Practice to Improve Student Outcomes

Our SoR + CORE workshops give 95 Phonics Core Program® educators an engaging opportunity to improve instructional practices and learn about current reading science.

Each day is dedicated to specific grade levels, and we're excited to add Day #4 to provide training on our all-new Word Study offering for Grades 4 and 5!

If you’re using 95 Phonics Core in your classroom – you won’t want to miss this opportunity to train virtually with our product experts. The workshops are designed to cover specific PCP grade level components, plus the Science of Reading research that supports instruction at each grade level.

TRAINING HIGHLIGHTS on all 4 days of SoR + CORE include:

  • An overview of the research practices that provide the
    foundation for the design and delivery of PCP
  • A look at the prevailing science around how reading skills are
    acquired and how the science impacts instruction at
    each grade level
  • Examining frameworks for reading that have withstood
    the test of both time and science, including:
         - Scarborough’s Rope
         - Gough and Tunmer’s Simple View of Reading
         - Seidenberg and McClelland’s Four-Part Distributed Processing Model
  • Taking a closer look at DeHaene’s Four Pillars of Learning,
    revealing how PCP supports attention and engagement
  • Exploring neuromyths and the myth of whole-word reading
  • A complete PCP grade-level overview
         -  Product Registration
         -  Scope & Sequence
         -  Teacher’s Edition Format
         -  Student Workbook Format
         -  Presentation File Usage
         -  Modeling, practicing, and reviewing grade-level lesson components

SoR + CORE Virtual Training Registration

Cost  $110 per day

Easy On-Line Registration Open Now

We've partnered with Eventbrite to make our registration process as convenient as possible for all attendees. Use the Register Online Now   link below to reserve your spot.

Since this is virtual training, each attendee will need to register individually so that we have an exclusive name and email address for every participant. We'll also use the daily registration list for registration confirmation, training reminders, checking attendance, and issuing training certificates for hours earned daily.

We'll also use this email address to deliver your digital training handouts and Zoom meeting links before each training day.


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Registering with a Purchase Order

We understand that some schools or districts may require the use of a Purchase Order to register for this training.  If you need to use this payment option, please email your PO request to: wsorders@95percentgroup.com.

Please include the name, email address, title, school name or district, phone number, and the correct Virtual Product Training product codes by day for each registrant on your PO or on an attachment to your PO.  

Day 1: March 21, 2023   WS1000.SRC.2023.03.21
Day 2: March 22, 2023   WS1000.SRC.2023.03.22
Day 3: March 23, 2023   WS1000.SRC.2023.03.23
Day 4: March 24, 2023   WS1000.SRC.2023.03.24

Our Orders Department will confirm receipt and contact you to process your request within 24 hours.

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before the event, less processing fees.


Please contact us at workshops@95percentgroup.com 

Space is limited. You can register online today to reserve your virtual seat.



Grade-Level SoR + CORE Workshops

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In addition to the TRAINING HIGHLIGHTS included on all 4 days, the Kindergarten SoR + CORE workshop will also examine: 

    • Research revealing the impact of read-aloud vs. screen time
    • The Alphabetic Principle
    • The science behind using sound spelling cards for letter-sound instruction
    • The importance of handwriting in the development of the
      reading brain
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During the Grade 1 & Grade 2 SoR + CORE combined session,
attendees will also explore the latest research on the neural connections
required for skilled reading. Plus, gain a better understanding of the orthographic mapping process and its contribution to fluent reading.

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March SoR + CORE Grade 4 & 5

Grade 3 SoR + CORE and Grade 4 & Grade 5 SoR + CORE will also review current research regarding morphological awareness and its strength as a predictor for reading comprehension through adulthood.

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Log In with your Grade-Level Team and Train Together

Collaboration is the key to success - be sure to invite your colleagues and learn how you can work together to maximize the usage of the 95 Percent Group materials to improve instructional practices and student outcomes. .Each participant must be registered to attend the training.

Our virtual workshops provide ample time for questions, small break-out groups, and group chats. Professional development Certificates of Completion will be awarded as each training day is completed.

Virtual Training Registration and Attendance Guidelines

  • 95 Percent Group products are not included in the cost of the sessions and can be purchased prior to the workshop by contacting sales@95percentgroup.com.

  • Registrants will receive information for accessing each daily session. The links cannot be shared with unregistered individuals as it will cause you to lose your seat. All workshops will be conducted daily from 8:00 am - 3:30 pm PT.