Assessing Advanced Phonemic Awareness Skills

Advanced phonemic awareness skills are critical for learning unfamiliar words.  At 95 Percent Group we recognize the need to ensure that ALL students master this critical skill, so we’re providing a complimentary Phoneme Substitution Screener.

At 95 Percent Group, we advocate that phoneme manipulation is the most important phonemic awareness skill because advanced phonemic awareness:Mastery of Phoneme Substitution Video Graphic.png

  • enables readers to look at an unknown word and figure it out, because they can manipulate the first sound
  • improves word learning and increases sight word banks
  • provides instant word recognition and reduces the need to decode

This 1:1 assessment monitors the acquisition of phoneme substitution.  Students listen to directions and provide answers without seeing the printed words. To master phoneme substitution, students need to score 4/5 on each of the 3 sections (beginning, ending, and medial sound substitution).

We provide everything you need to start using this assessment TODAY!

Download and print the screening tool and the personalized student scoring sheets here. Note that there are 2 screening forms.Phoneme Screener teacher with student 1-1.jpg

  • FORM X includes easier words for students in grades 1-2, and
  • FORM Y has more challenging substitution prompts, including substituting sounds in a blend, allowing you to assess students in grades 3-4.

SHARE this Valuable Phoneme Substitution Screening Tool with your colleagues so that ALL students can benefit by using this screener to identify at-risk readers and provide necessary intervention.