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Scarborough’s Rope – Strand by Strand

Session Overview

In 2001, Dr. Hollis Scarborough reshaped our thinking about the complexity of reading with her conceptualization of the tightly woven strands of a rope as a metaphor for skilled reading.  These days, it’s difficult to discuss reading without referring to Dr. Scarborough’s reading rope.  Please join us as we tease apart each strand and consider its role in pursuit of the ultimate goal of reading -- comprehension.

Session Run-time: 30 minutes


The on-demand webinar and accompanying materials are complimentary. 

Please click the links below to download the handout and view the Q&A. And, of course, enjoy the webinar video below. Thank you for joining us!  

If you have questions not covered in the Q&A posted, please email them to 95Live@95percentgroup.com  with "Scarborough’s Rope" in the subject line. We will update the Q&A document periodically to address new questions.


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