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Phonics Lesson: Unpredictable Vowel Teams - Skill 7


Please read these instructions prior to beginning the lesson and direct any questions to your teacher.


Lesson Description

This lesson includes one passage for reading practice. Comprehension questions with possible answers are included.

This At-Home Lesson is best used for the following grade levels: Grades 2 and above at advanced phonics skill level

Before you start the lesson, please follow the steps below:

  • Step One: View Introduction Video

  • Step Two:  Download, Print and Read the Phonics Primer and Parent Instructions

  • Step Three: Download and Print Decodable Passage

  • Step Four: Following the Steps in the Parent Instructions

    • Have the child read to you

  • Step Five: Ask the child the related passage questions

    • Check with answer key (provided)

  • Step Six: Allow your child to practice the words and the passage several times to build confidence.

Terms of Use: To help you through the unprecedented challenges arising from COVID-19, we are happy to make these At-Home Resources available at no charge through 12/31/20. They are excerpts from our comprehensive reading programs, and we ask that you use them with these terms:

  • Please feel free to share the Resources; if you do, use a link to this webpage so the entire lesson is shared, and give us credit
  • Do not make any changes to the Resources
  • Do not sell or otherwise try to make money from the Resources
  • Do not remove any trademarks or copyright notices within the Resources

For more information, please see the detailed Terms of Use that you agree to by using these Resources. 

Introduction Video for Decodable Passages


Download, Print and Read the Phonics Primer and Parent Instructions

Advanced Phonics Primer

Advanced Phonics Parent Instructions


Download and Print Decodable Passages

Download The Young Moose