Thanks for reading our blog, Using First Grade Phonics Worksheets and Activities to Practice Phonics Skills.

Our Phonics Lesson Library™ (PLL) includes activities that are initially teacher-led (we do) but can be easily transferred to a student-led (you do) activity. 

In the PLL the long vowel silent e lesson to teach the long i sound is called Skill 5.2.  A comprehensive lesson plan and all needed materials are provided. After teaching the new concept, the lesson shows teachers how to move skill acquisition from ‘I do”, to “we do”, to “you do’. 

Use these Evidence-Based Activities in your Classroom

PLL 5.2.jpg

At the ‘you do’ stage, teachers have a choice of using the material as a guided worksheet or as an independent activity.  Observing how well a student performs on the phonics worksheet enables the teacher to assess for student mastery or whether more intervention is needed. 

Are you looking for some effective ways to teach phonics intervention (as an alternative to 1st grade phonics worksheets)?  Download this complimentary sample and try these evidence-based phonics activities with your students.