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March 30 Webinar (6)

Tools 4 Reading is now part of the 95 Percent Group Family! 

In this webinar, Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer at 95 Percent Group and Dr. Mary Dahlgren, Founder of Tools 4 Reading and Literacy Executive in Residence at 95 Percent Group talk about what this new partnership means for educators and how it will effectively support instructional practices.  

Laura and Mary discussed how Tools 4 Reading’s products and professional learning resources fit into our expanding ecosystem of evidence-based literacy instruction and resources, to improve student outcomes. 

Webinar highlights include:  

  • Taking a closer look at our cohesive literacy ecosystem as we add Tools 4 Reading resources and how it works to develop grade-level readers, 
  • Examining how 95 Percent Group’s and Tools 4 Reading our shared missions can drive reading achievement in your school or district, and 
  • Identifying how Tools 4 Reading products, including Sound Walls and Kid Lips, support and strengthen 95 Phonics Core Program® lessons. 

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Webinar Facilitators

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group 

As Chief Academic Officer for 95 Percent Group, Laura Stewart drives our leadership position and is our primary Reading Science advocate. Her journey began as a classroom teacher and a school district administrator, igniting her lifelong passion for empowering educators to impact ALL students positively and ultimately change the course of literacy achievement in this country. Before joining 95 Percent Group, Laura served as the Chief Innovation Officer for The Reading League and was the Chief Academic Officer for Professional Development with the Highlights Education Group and is a LETRS® Certified Trainer.  

Mary Dahlgren, Ed.D., Founder Tools 4 Reading and Literacy Executive in Residence, 95 Percent Group 

As the Founder and President of Tools 4 Reading, Dr. Mary Dahlgren has always focused on developing practical tools and training opportunities to bridge the gap between the science of reading and classroom practice. She brings over 25 years of experience in the field of education, having served as a dyslexia therapist, elementary classroom teacher, international literacy consultant, national LETRS® trainer, and author.  As she joins 95 Percent Group, Dr. Dahlgren will continue to elevate the science behind reading for all educators.