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Phonics Chip Kit™ Digital Teaching Add-on

Now you can deliver intervention instruction digitally!

By popular request –

Announcing our NEW Phonics Chip Kit™ Digital Teaching Add-on, which provides animated presentation files that illustrate chip movement.

It is designed for use with our Phonics Chip Kit™ to help you continue guided instruction through practice of orthographic mapping. It can be used remotely or during in-person small group instruction.

For each skill level, you’ll get:
• An animated presentation file, with 40 examples representing that skill
• Downloadable teacher files (instructions and word list)

Technical Information:
The presentation file is programmed in HTML5, making it universally compatible with
all web browsers and a wide variety of devices, including PC, Mac, & Chromebook.

Please watch the video below to see what the Phonics Chip Kit Digital Teaching Add-on looks like in action. The teacher advances the animation step-by-step with a click of the mouse, which is shown here by the yellow circle.

This video is a simulation. It is not the actual product, which uses different technology.





One License provides access for all educators in a school building:
• $99 full school year (July 1 2020 to June 30, 2021)
• $59 half year (Jan 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021)
Available in Basic or Advanced level

For more information, please contact your local representative, or email sales@95percentgroup.com.                                             

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