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Open Mic Night 2020 

December 16, 2020

Accelerating Literacy Gains After COVID: Tips for Leaders 

Dr. Susan Hall joins Pam Kastner and School Leaders for an evening of discussion.


Join us for this important conversation about how to be ready to accelerate students' reading growth when they return to school. How do we hit the ground running?

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time

We'll learn from 2 principals who will share advice and tips:

  • Christine Lay, from Gettysburg PA, has led her teachers and staff through a year where approximately 85% of students have remained on-campus nearly the entire year.
  • Sharon Dunn, former principal of Loudon Elementary School in the central valley of California, will advise on making the most of the instructional time including revamping the core reading block to differentiate during that time.

The event is complimentary, hosted by Pam Kastner, and was presented virtually via Zoom. Please enjoy the replay.
To download the handouts and resources discussed during the event, please click the buttons below the video.

Please note that the recording does not begin at the very start of the meeting; it starts with Susan in mid-sentence. It does include most of the event.
We apologize for this, but that's how live events go sometimes. 

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