NYSRA Annual Conference Session

Effective Phonics Instruction in the Core 

Thanks for joining us for our Effective Phonics Instruction in the Core presentation with Dr. Karen Kemp during the NYRSA Conference. Submit the form to access all of the following phonics resources:

      • Effective Phonics in the Core Session Handouts,
      • Phonics Continuum,
      • Steps for an Effective Phonics Lesson,
      • 95 Phonics Core Program Overview, and 
      • 95 Phonics Core Program Sample Lessons.

95 PCP Worksbooks and TEs all

Introducing a Tier 1 Phonics Program that’s grounded in the Science of Reading and the Principles of Structured Literacy

Having experienced what explicit, systematic, and sequential phonics instruction looks like with our intervention suite of products, our clients asked us to consider developing a Tier 1 phonics program that’s grounded in the Science of Reading and the Principles of Structured Literacy.  

Strengthen your ELA Curriculum and Reduce Intervention Needs

95 Phonics Core Program is a K–3 phonics strand taught whole class during the Tier 1 reading block. The 30 weekly lessons are designed to be taught for 20 minutes daily as one part of your comprehensive reading and language arts curriculum. This engaging program serves as a phonics and word study strand that enriches the other critical components of a school’s existing ELA program, including read-alouds, oral language, and vocabulary development, reading of authentic text, comprehension instruction, and process writing.

Watch 95 Phonics Core Program On-Demand Lesson Demo Videos 

When you complete the form, you'll also have the opportunity to watch one of our consultants deliver two 95 Phonics Core Program™ lessons using our Digital Presentation. This animated feature improves lesson pacing and student engagement for in-class or remote learning. Additional program components include TE's, Student Workbooks, Sound-Spelling Cards, Teacher and Student Manipulatives, and online access to Spelling Lists, Summative Assessments, and Parent Instructions.

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Please contact us for additional information about our Tier 1 Phonics, Vocabulary, and Comprehension Programs and our full suite of Tier 2 and Tier 3 Intervention Resources and Diagnostic Assessments.

Stacey J. Miller, PhD

Regional Account Executive