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The Reading League LIVE Event

Featuring Dr. Susan Hall, March 12, 2020

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This event is hosted and managed by The Reading League.  By clicking on the link above, you will be redirected to The Reading League registration page.  For more information regarding this event, please contact The Reading League at info@thereadingleague.org.

Teaching Students to Read Multisyllable Words, by Dr. Susan Hall

When reading, students encounter multisyllable words in quick succession. The frequency and varying syllable type combinations make decoding these words a challenge.

Join Dr. Susan Hall as she demonstrates to participants a four-step technique to show students how to recognize patterns, identify sounds, and apply syllable division rules.

Students will be fully engaged pointing to vowels, and using hand gestures to demonstrate recognition of the syllable type. Participants will leave the workshop with everything needed to teach the closed syllable the next day.

As a follow-up to this session, we are happy to offer the following complimentary Multisyllable Routine Card resources:

MSRC Video


Watch our video of a classroom instruction of the closed syllable routine

SampleLesson MSRC


Download a sample lesson plan for the closed syllable lesson

Evidence MSRC


Download the efficacy report for our Multisyllable Routine Cards™


But first, we'd like to learn a little bit about you.

MSRC Video
MSRC Efficacy Report
MSRC Lesson Sample