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Watch the Series On-Demand

In this webinar series, Louisa Moats, EdD, and Bruce Rosow, EdD, co-authors of Spellography, break down the layers of language to help educators see how the various parts work interchangeably together and build upon each other.

Spellography is a classroom-tested program that explicitly teaches spelling concepts to help students make sense of the English spelling system and become better at understanding, reading, and writing words.

Watch the series to transform spelling instruction to improve student outcomes and learn more about effective, engaging practices that will  immediately impact student outcomes.

Webinar #1: What does phonology have to do with learning to spell?

Curiously, the “visual memory” necessary for spelling is only incidentally visual! Language processes, including awareness of phonemes, have much more to do with spelling than generic “visual memory.”  Watch this session to learn why phoneme awareness is essential, even for older students, and how to use Spellography to bolster students' phonological skills.

Webinar #2: How do graphemes represent phonemes in English orthography?

Take a deeper dive into English orthography by exploring graphemes to activate educator knowledge. Watch to learn more about sound-spelling associations and effectively use Spelling as a student road map to better spelling. 

Webinar #3: How does spelling represent meaning in English?

Discover how words are built from morphemes in each historical layer of English (Anglo-Saxon, French/Latin, and Greek) and how this information can help students understand and remember words to improve spelling, fluency and writing skills.

Webinar #4: What do syntax and grammar have to do with spelling?

Take a closer look at syntax as a subdivision of grammar while effectively using Spellography as a structured language approach to improve spelling skills.

Learn more about Spellography on our website and in our web store.

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Meet your Webinar Facilitators

Headshot-Laura-Stewart-2022-95PGLaura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group

Laura Stewartis an educator and organizational leader. She has served as a teacher, administrator, adjunct professor, and director of numerous professional development initiatives around the country. Before joining 95 Percent Group as Chief Academic Officer, Laura was the Chief Innovation Officer with The Reading League and the Chief Academic Officer for Professional Development at Highlights for Children. She is a respected literacy expert, a published author, and presents nationally and internationally. Laura’s passion is empowering educators to positively impact ALL students and change the course of literacy achievement in this country. 

Louisa Moats headshotLouisa Moats, EdD

Louisa Moats, EdD is a leading voice in literacy, and a life-long champion of teachers. She has been a teacher, psychologist, researcher, graduate school faculty member, and author of many influential scientific journal articles, books, and policy papers on the topics of reading, spelling, language, and teacher preparation. Dr. Moats co-authored LETRS®, Spellography and the book Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers. She served as a board member and officer of the International Dyslexia Association for many years and led the committee that developed IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. 

Bruce Rosow_heicBruce Rosow, EdD

Bruce Rosow, EdD, began his career as an intermediate grade classroom teacher at Guilford Elementary School (VT), before moving into a remedial instruction role teaching word study. Dr. Rosow co-authored the word study curriculum Spellography, with Louisa Moats EdD, which includes lessons for diverse students based on the principles of structured language instruction for intermediate and middle school students. After serving as the Academic Dean at the Greenwood School, he returned to public education in the Windham Central Supervisory Union (VT) where he ran The Language Lab to provide remedial instruction to struggling middle and high school readers. Dr. Rosow also taught in the Language and Literacy Program through the Reading Institute in Williamstown, MA, Simmons College and Bay Path University, using Speech to Print: Language Essentials for Teachers a book he also co-authored with Dr. Moats.

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