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Now more than ever, educational leaders are being called to follow current reading science to implement meaningful changes in instructional practices and classroom resources to impact student reading outcomes. But to lead the way, you need to be fully informed. What questions do you need to ask and answer to support your staff and advance student reading proficiency in your school or district? 

During this thought-provoking on-demand webinar, 10 Questions & 4 Tips for Transforming Literacy Leadership, Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, and Sharon Dunn, MTSS Leadership Consultant and former Elementary School principal, shared the 10 critical questions that every site-based leader needs to answer about student achievement, measuring success, tiered instruction, how your current reading program aligns with the evidence and much more.

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understanding and continuing to ask the correct questions to build sustainable Science of Reading knowledge and instructional practices across all grade levels, 

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Meet your Webinar Facilitators & Guests

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer, 95 Percent Group

As Chief Academic Officer for 95 Percent Group, Laura Stewart drives our leadership position and is our primary Reading Science advocate. Her journey began as a classroom teacher and a school district administrator, igniting her lifelong passion for empowering educators to impact ALL students positively and ultimately change the course of literacy achievement in this country. Before joining 95 Percent Group, Laura served as the Chief Innovation Officer for The Reading League and was the Chief Academic Officer for Professional Development with the Highlights Education Group and is a LETRS® Certified Trainer. 

Sharon Dunn, MTSS Leadership Consultant and former Principal, Loudon Elementary School, Panama Buena Vista USD, CA

Sharon is a former principal of a high-poverty elementary school. As an educational leader, she worked with her staff to change instructional practices and improve student reading outcomes. The DIBELS (Acadience) Newsletter and the 95 Percent Group Overview Guide highlights her leadership expertise and school data. As a nationally recognized MTSS Leadership Consultant and speaker, Sharon continues to support reading outcomes by sharing her school's literacy journey. Sharon is the co-founder of the Facebook Group: Science of Reading for Administrators – What Teachers Want You to Know! where she actively shares information with over 4,200 members.