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Welcome to our Courageous Leaders Webinar Series! 

Join Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer at 95 Percent Group, as she introduces Courageous Leaders, a transformative webinar series featuring insightful discussions with prominent literacy changemakers. Whether you’re a practiced literacy leader or newly aspiring to these roles, our thought leadership sessions will provide the knowledge, tools, and inspiration to empower the next generation of readers and lifelong learners.

Laura will also share in-depth insights and best practices through regular editorial resources accompanying each webinar. 

Don’t miss any of these live events!  All sessions begin at 6:30 p.m. CT

For security purposes, we use a 2-step registration process. After you complete the form on this page, you’ll need to add your name and email to the Zoom webinar form to receive a final confirmation.  

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On-Demand Webinar Coming Soon

4 Ways to Unlock the Leader Within You: Guiding Principles of Courageous Literacy Leadership

Featuring Danielle 'Nell' Thompson, PhD, CCC-SLP, Literacy Leader and Terrie Noland, PhD, CALP

In today's rapidly changing educational landscape, courageous leadership is essential for addressing diverse challenges and it is the only way to build sustainable opportunities for a literate and thriving nation.

In this webinar, Nell and Terrie will dive into four fundamental principles and strategies that every literacy leader needs to know to drive positive change, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and ignite a passion among both teachers and students for reading and learning. 


Thursday, December 7 

Literacy Leadership: Accelerating Your Impact as the Lead Literacy Learner

Featuring Mitchell Brookins, PhD, Educational Consultant

School improvement hinges on teacher performance and effective leadership. Instructional leaders must aid teachers in providing impactful instruction, but this approach requires a shift in mindset, planning, and practice.

In this session, Dr. Brookins will share his leadership journey, high-impact instructional routines, and effective systems and structures that leaders can employ to advance teacher performance and student learning.



Tuesday, January 16 

The Power of Conviction

Featuring Louisa Moats, EdD 

Dr. Louisa Moats is a leading voice in literacy, and a life-long champion of teachers. Join us to hear Dr. Moats’ fascinating story from the beginning of her career until now and be inspired by her courageous actions as she relentlessly pursued the goal of providing all children with the instruction they need to learn to read. 

On-Demand Webinar Coming Soon 

Leading with Purpose and Passion: A Journey from parent advocate to literacy leader

Featuring Susan Hall, EdD, Co-Founder,              95 Percent Group 

As an established author and early trailblazer in the science of reading movement, Dr. Hall shared her literacy leadership story that began as a parent seeking answers for her own child.

This session will enlighten listeners about Susan's journey from a parent advocate to a literacy thought leader, reminding all of us that passion and purpose can ignite courageous leadership.


Meet your Webinar Facilitators

Laura Stewart, Chief Academic Officer

Laura Stewartis an educator and organizational leader.  She has served as a teacher, administrator, adjunct professor, and director of numerous professional development initiatives around the country.  Before joining 95 Percent Group as their Chief Academic Officer, Laura was the Chief Innovation Officer with The Reading League and the Chief Academic Officer for Professional Development at Highlights for Children.  She presents nationally and internationally and is a published author. 

Laura’s passion is empowering educators to positively impact ALL students and change the course of literacy achievement in this country. 

Susan Hall, EdD, Co-Founder, 95 Percent Group

95 Percent Group started in 2005 with a vision to help schools and districts provide every child with the literacy instruction they deserve. Our Co-founder, Dr. Susan L. Hall, was an early trailblazer in translating the science of reading into effective structured literacy tools and professional learning for educators. Her work united an extensive network of teachers, schools, and districts who believe in the outsized impact of reading. She also wrote the best-selling book I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What? and coauthored, along with Louisa C. Moats, EdD, the award-winning Straight Talk about Reading and Parenting a Struggling Reader.  

Today 95 Percent Group is proud to continue Susan’s legacy as leading the way in putting the science of reading into practice in schools and districts in every state.  

Danielle ‘Nell’ Thompson, PhD, CCC-SLP, Literacy Leader 

Nell Thompson is a coach, Literacy Leader, teacher of teachers, influencer for literacy change, and insatiably curious about everything that improves people’s lives. She is working to help leaders and educators unlearn, re-think, and up-level their knowledge, leadership skills, instructional practices, and collective impact. From her rural roots in North Dakota to her time as a Peace Corps volunteer in a school for the deaf, she spent a decade working as a PreK-12 Speech Language Pathologist and Educator in Colorado, Montana, and Alaska public schools.  

Currently she reaches, teaches, and leads educators and leaders as the President and Founder of The Transformative Reading Teacher Group, President of The Reading League Montana, a Certified High-Performance Coach, a Maxwell Certified Leadership Speaker and Coach, and the Founder and creative force for change behind The Big Sky Literacy Summit.  

Terrie Noland, PhD, CALP

For 27 years, Dr. Terrie Noland has put her energy into leadership and literacy; first as a teacher and administrator and now as a national Literacy Leader and leader mentor on the latest research around the science of reading. She is a nationally recognized speaker on leadership principles, research, and best literacy practices.  

Dr. Noland is a Certified Academic Language Practitioner, a Maxwell Leadership Certified Speaker, and a President's Advisory Council member. Her passion is building award-winning communities of educators to lead large literacy and professional learning experiences that drive high-leverage growth for administrators and educators.  

Mitchell Brookins, PhD, Educational Consultant, Teacher PROs, LLC

Mitchell Brookins is an educational consultant who supports teachers, school administrators, and district leaders in advancing student academic attainment. His 18 years of professional experience include teacher, instructional coach, school administrator, district leader, consultant, and educational thought leader in K-12.   Dr. Brookins has taught on the Southside of Chicago, been a district leader of RtI and literacy in Chicago Public Schools and served as a school administrator in Chicago Public Schools and New Orleans for the past seven years. Brookins has successfully led several schools to substantial increases in School Performance Scores, including the ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy, ARISE Academy, and Dwight Eisenhower School. 

Louisa Moats, EdD 

Dr. Louisa Moats is a nationally recognized authority on how children learn to read and why some fail to learn. Widely acclaimed as a teacher, speaker consultant, and trainer, Moats developed the landmark professional development LETRS® for teachers and reading specialists. She is the author of Speech to Print, a bestselling, widely adopted textbook on explicit, high-quality literacy instruction. She co-authored Spellography: A Fun Guide to Better Spelling with Bruce Rosow, EdD. 

Pre-read: The courage to lead: 10 bold moves to make 

Laura Stewart has worked with numerous districts over decades and knows what it takes to bring transformative change to unlock the power of literacy for all students. The first priority in leading literacy change is to create a team of diverse and invested parties to ask those big questions and take those bold steps. These are her ten bold steps and big questions for a leader to consider. It is a great pre-read for our webinar series! Read here.

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