Thanks for reading our blogMiddle School Teachers: Alternatives to 6th Grade Reading Comprehension Worksheets.

Comprehension, Grades 3–6 Sample

Comprehension, Grades 3–6, is an instructional tool that provides direct, explicit, and systematic instruction on 7 comprehension processes for intervention groups for grades 3–6. 

The lessons include passages, graphic organizers, and manipulatives. Each comprehension process is first taught separately and then spiraled together so that students learn how to use several processes while reading. 

This product is especially useful for students who are accurate and fluent but still not comprehending.

Comprehension M-1016 Sample

Parents have been e-mailing us to report, "My son spontaneously explained how he made a connection as we were going over homework tonight. He actually taught me how connections help us understand what we are reading. I was thrilled."

We are excited to apply 95 Percent Group’s techniques to reading in all subject areas. 

Penny Moldofsky, M.S.
Director of the Literacy Institute, Woodlynde School
Strafford, Pennsylvania