95 Phonics Core Program™

K-Grade 3: Phonics Strand

Taught Whole-Class during the Tier 1 Reading Block

95 Phonics Core Program™ introduction with Dr. Susan Hall, retired Co-Founder and CEO 95 Percent Group

Strengthen your ELA curriculum and improve student outcomes by adding our evidence-based 95 Phonics Core Program™ to your daily reading block to close skill gaps and reduce the number of students requiring intervention.


Improve Literacy Outcomes for ALL Students

Our 95 Phonics Core Program™ was created in response to the high number of customer requests for a phonics resource that was grounded in the Science of Reading and the Principles of Structured Literacy which was non-existent in their required ELA curriculums.

These same educators saw the measurable gains among students receiving intervention instruction with 95 Percent Group materials and they wanted a program that used our explicit, systematic, and sequential phonics instructional practices to replicate such outcomes with all students.


 Each K-3 Grade Level 95 Phonics Core Program™ Classroom Kit includes:

  • Teacher's Editions: Scripted, easy to follow lesson plans requiring minimal prep
  • Digital Presentation: Allows for both in-person and remote teaching to guide instruction
  • Student Workbook Sets: For in-class application or to send home in case of school closures
  • Manipulatives: Individual sets of phonics chips for hands-on sound-spelling mapping
  • Sound-Spelling Cards: Set of full color 6"x9" grade-appropriate cards (K-2) or Classroom Syllable Posters (Grade 3)
  • Additional Ancillary Materials: Spelling Lists, Summative Assessments, Parent Instructions, and other teacher support can be accessed from our secure customer portal
  • Product Training Video: This one-hour session can be accessed on-demand and provides a program overview and tips for teaching the lessons; more comprehensive Professional Development is available virtually or in-person with our experienced consultants for an additional fee

95 Phonics Core Program™ instructional components include:

  • Letter-sound correspondence

  • Letter formation instruction and practice (K)

  • Suggestions for developing print concepts to explicit instruction in blending CVC words (K-1) 

  • Phonological awareness warm-ups

  • Phonics patterns demonstrated and practiced hands-on with phonics chips

  • Phoneme-grapheme mapping including phonemic awareness

  • High-frequency word practice

  • Orthographic mapping

  • Writing words, word chains, sentences, and short responses to passage reading

  • Word and phrase fluency practice

  • Weekly spelling lesson lists designed to reinforce the focus pattern, review previous patterns, and assess mastery of high-frequency words

  • Practice applying phonics knowledge to read decodable text

  • Instruction in morphological units including common prefixes, suffixes, and Latin roots

  • Instruction and practice in the use of comprehension processes through oral discussions and written responses after reading decodable texts

  • End-of-unit assessments for monitoring progress

Download the Program Overview and Sample Lessons

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