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95 Phonics Booster Bundle™: Tune-Up is aligned with the Science of Reading to provide targeted structured literacy instruction that is explicit, systematic, sequential, and cumulative.

It’s the perfect way to get your students off to a strong start this school year!

Give your students a Back-to-School Phonics Tune-Up

Our Phonics Tune-Up is an explicit 25-day phonics program for students in grades 1-3 taught either whole class or small group to address critical learning gaps. The program provides teachers with phonics and word study lessons to catch up student skills, leading to grade-level mastery.

      • Each grade level program reviews critical phonics components from the previous year.
      • So, it’s perfect for addressing missing skills and providing a refresher before introducing new phonics skills.
      • 25 days of 20-minute lessons are easy to implement. Everything you need for instruction is included in the Teacher's and Student Packages.
      • Versatile instructional usage includes whole class, small-group Tier 1, small group Tier 2 intervention, students with an IEP, and tutoring.
      • Start on the first day of school or when you complete your BOY assessments.
      • Meets ESSA Level 3 Evidence  


Tune-Up Teacher's Package 

Tune-UpGrade1TETune-Up Word CardTune-Up Presentations

The Tune-Up Teacher’s Package includes a printed spiral-bound TE with scripted lessons, teacher materials that vary by grade level, access to a secure site containing the digital presentation files to increase instructional engagement, and an on-demand teacher training.

The program requires minimal teacher prep and allows teachers to quickly and effectively address student skill deficits.


Tune-Up Student Workbook Package

Tune-Up ST Workbook PageTune-Up Chips

The Tune-Up Student Workbook Package includes pages for sorting words, writing dictated sentences, decodable passages, and a removable insert with individual student manipulatives. The consumable workbooks are available in 5-packs to enable flexible ordering for varying class sizes.


Download the Overview, Sample Lessons & Research | Watch the Demo

Submit the form to download a comprehensive program overview, a Lesson Plan sample for each grade level, and the Tune-Up Efficacy Study research showing ESSA Level 3 Evidence. Plus, you'll also have the opportunity to watch the Tune-Up Digital Presentation demo that shows you how to navigate key instructional components and improve student engagement.



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