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THE ROAD TO RESULTS WORKSHOPS   Practical Strategies to Accelerate Reading Achievement in Your Classroom   

Arizona State University SkySong 

1365 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ  85257

       K-1: Tuesday, February 20 | 2-5: Wednesday, February 21                   8:30 am - 3:30 pm (check-in begins at 8:00 am)         

$109 per workshop 

Early Intervention Closes Skill Deficits for Struggling Readers

K-1: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

During this workshop, we'll share our evidence-based PA and phonics intervention strategies with you to accelerate reading achievement in your classroom.  

K-1 Workshop Topics include:

  • Using CBM data to tell WHO is struggling and diagnostic data to tell Judie Compressed.jpgWHY

  • Exploring a PA and Phonics continuum addressing skill deficits in a specific sequence

  • Using manipulatives to engage students, explicitly teaching PA skills, and identify word patterns

  • Discovering the importance of Nonsense Word Analysis

  • Effectively applying intensive phonics intervention plans and instruction

Participants will leave this workshop equipped with effective strategies and engaging techniques to use the next day and improve RTI processes.

All K-1 workshop attendees will receive a copy of Teaching Blending®, a $48 value, to use in their classroom.

95 Percent Group's Teaching Blending® program:


  • Transitions early readers from reading words sound-by-sound to reading whole words blended

  • Provides teachers with specific techniques for blending instruction

  • Eliminates the need to sub vocalize words before reading

For more information contact us at workshops@95percentgroup.com.


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2-5: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Nashville Public Workshop

Regardless of where you are in your  RTI implementation, all participants will walk away from this 2-5 workshop equipped with effective strategies and engaging instructional techniques that can be confidently used in the classroom right away.


2-5 Workshop Topics include:

  • Understanding how to organize Tier 2 and Tier 3 instructional time for best results

  • Critically analyzing CBM and diagnostic data to pinpoint and effectively address skill deficits

  • Exploring a phonics continuum to sequence intervention instruction and align skill mastery

  • Learning how to use phonics chips to engage students and identify word patterns

  • Increasing student fluency by practicing a daily 5-minute multisyllable activity using our Multisyllable Routine Cards 


2-5 workshop attendees will receive a copy of Multisyllable Routine Cards® (MSRC), an $85 value, to use in their classroom.

Use 95 Percent Group's MSRC® resource to:


  • Help students learn skills that directly impact reading, fluency, and comprehension

  • Teach student-friendly routines on six syllable types

  • Show students how to find word patterns, divide syllables, and read multisyllable words 

For more information contact us at workshops@95percentgroup.com.


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Bring your whole team

We know that great teaching requires collaboration and we invite you to bring your team to foster grade level implementation.

PLUS, complimentary registration is provided for any elementary Principal that attends with 2 or more registered staff members from the same school. All participants must complete a registration form.