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Bridging the Gap Workshops: 
Bringing Acadience™ Data to Instruction

Did you hear the news?

The DIBELS Next® Assessment is now Acadience™ Reading.  Join us and learn how to effectively connect your Acadience™ data to intervention instruction to improve student achievement. 


Salt Lake City, UT               

K-1    Tuesday, February 12
2-6     Wednesday, February 13



  • Using diagnostic assessment following DIBELS testing to identify skill deficits

  • Learning how to leverage and make the most of your DIBELS data

  • Teaching blending to student whose NWF-WWR is below benchmark

  • Expanding vocabulary through morphemes

  • Analyzing DIBELS data to pinpoint missing skills

  • Implementing hands-on strategies for providing intervention for phonological awareness and phonics
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  • Practicing instructional strategies to teach hands-on phonics using manipulatives and multisyllable decoding

  • Measuring progress with DIBELS

  • Using DIBELS data to record student progress




Registration is available online 24/7 in our web store. 

Attendees can also download the Registration Form here and fax or mail it to our office to complete the process.

One Day - $199/$149*           

Two Days - $300/$275*

*Early Registration by 1/18/19 to receive a discount.

Download the workshop flyer for additional information.


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Contact us at workshops@95percentgroup.com



 Meet your Workshop Facilitators 

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Join Susan L. Hall Ed. D., 95 Percent Group and Stephanie A. Stollar, Ph. D., Dynamic Measurement Group Inc., for two days of collaborative learning. 

Dr. Hall is Co-Founder and CEO of 95 Percent Group and is a nationally recognized leader in RTI, data analysis, and 95 Percent reading instruction. The I’ve DIBEL’ed, Now What? , Dr. Hall will show you how to make the most of your DIBELS reports and implement effective instructional strategies.   



Dr. Stollar is a Professional Development Specialist/Research Associate with Dynamic Measurement Group Inc.  She brings extensive professional development experience consulting school districts on the use of direct assessment measures, to improve outcomes for all students.   


Here's what your colleagues had to say after attending this workshop. 

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Enjoyed learning how to look at specific DIBELS indicators and apply specific intervention skills.

    - Intervention Teacher, 1-6

Learning to interpret, discuss and connect data to hands-on instructional strategies was great.

   - District Instructional Coach, TK-6

The correlation between DIBELS data and 95% data was great! Learning how to interpret it and what to do next was spot on.

   - RTI Teacher, TK-5

I have quite a bit of training in DIBELS, and I learned so much. The materials were excellent.

   - DIBELS Coach, K-3

Too many take-aways to list! Looking at the data deeply to guide intervention will help our students.

    - Principal TK-6

All of it!  Your knowledge is amazing. Loved the analogies and direct teaching.

    - SPED Teacher K-6

This session helped me understand how to use DIBELS data in a more meaningful way and to teach along a continuum to meet student needs.

    - First Grade Teacher

Learned how to effectively use DIBELS data to group students and how to teach those groups. Amazing!

    - Intervention Specialist, K-5

We use DIBELS extensively and are beginning to implement 95% Group materials, so everything I learned was on point!

    - Reading Coach, K-5

Loved the connection from data to instruction.  So much great info!  

    - Reading Specialist, K-6


Acadience™ is a registered trademark of Dynamic Measurement Group, Inc. The DIBELS Next Assessment is owned by Dynamic Measurement Group, Inc. DIBELS Next® is a registered trademark of the University of Oregon.